Appetizers 120 g

1. Antipasto Misto /parma ham, pancetta, parmesan, sun- dried tomatoes,onions,olives/ 161,- Kč
2. Olives marinated in herbs with salty cheese and bruschetta 74,- Kč
3. Bruschetta Al Pomodoro /homemade bread,tomatoes, garlic, basil/ 70,- Kč
4. Carpaccio /sirloin carpaccio, parmesan, olive oil, arugula/ 153,- Kč
5. Carpaccio of beetroot with goat cheese and almond flakes 105,- Kč
6. Sicilian toast with beef noodles, garlic, chilli and cheese 107,- Kč
7. Baked beef roastbeef with horseradish mayonaisse and capers 139,- Kč


Soup 0,3 l

15. Beef broth with vegetable and herb noodles 42,- Kč
16. Soup by our daily offer  


Salads 1 portion = bowl, plate

20. Small mixed salad with fresh vegetables, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar 75,- Kč
21. Greek salad from fresh vegetable with salty cheese and olives 108,- Kč
22. Tuna with egg on letuce leaves with beans flavored with herb dressing 126,- Kč

Vegetable salad with Parma ham, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan and balsamic dressing

146,- Kč
25. Grilled mozzarella in dried ham with crisp salad and creamy balsamic dressing 133,- Kč

Crisp lettuce with orange, mozarella, parma ham and honey-mustard dressing

135,- Kč

Ceasar salad with grilled chicken breast, Pancetta, croutons, Parmesan cheese and dressing with anchovies

155,- Kč

Torn lettuce with roasted beets, goat cheese and honey-mustard dressing

144,- Kč

Lettuc with roastbeef, baked beetroot and honey-mustard dressing

155,- Kč


Risotto 350 g

31. Risotto del fatore with beans, peas, zucchini, wine, mint and Parmesan cheese 128,- Kč
32. Risotto porcini e pollo with chicken meat, mushrooms, wine, herbs and Parmesan cheese 159,- Kč

Risotto con manzo e funghi with mushrooms, red wine, Parmesan cheese, parsley and grilled beef navel

172,- Kč


Fresh Home - Made Pasta 350 g

35. Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and chilli pepper 99,- Kč
36. Spaghetti Carbonara with egg yolk, Pancetta and Parmesan cheese 123,- Kč
37. Spaghetti alla Bolognese with meat ragout in tomato sauce 119,- Kč
38. Spaghetti with roasted seafood, cherry tomatoes, garlic and basil 146,- Kč
41. Spaghetti  Siciliana with beef meat, chilli and creamy-tomato sauce 154,- Kč
45. Baked pappardelle with tuna, dried tomatoes, tomato and Parmesan cheese 133,- Kč
46. Pappardelle Al Musicista with garlic, chilli and beef meat 145,- Kč
47. Pappardelle with mushrooms, cream and chicken 160,- Kč
48. Pappardelle with salmon in creamy-spinach sauce  baked with Parmesan cheese 153,- Kč
50. Penne with chicken meat, broccoli, cream and gorgonzola 147,- Kč
51. Rigatoni with tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella 125,- Kč
52. Rigatoni with creamy-cheese sauce, mushrooms and grilled pork tenderloin 170,- Kč
60. Gnocchi with creamed spinach, cheese, and sautéed chicken meat 149,- Kč
61. Gnocchi with roasted eggplant, zucchini and onion with beef meat strips 149,- Kč
65. Baked lasagne with meat ragout in tomato sauce 120,- Kč


Our Classic

70. 200 g Beef steak with a coloured spice crust, prepared according to your wishes and served with green pepper sauce 205,- Kč
71. 300 g Beef steak with a coloured spice crust, prepared according to your wishes and served with green pepper sauce 265,- Kč
72. 400 g Beef steak with a coloured spice crust, prepared according to your wishes and served with green pepper sauce 325,- Kč
73. 500 g Beef steak with a coloured spice crust, prepared according to your wishes and served with green pepper sauce 385,- Kč


Grilled and Roasted Meat

76. 180 g Turkey steak with grilled goat cheese and honey nuts 186,- Kč
77. 180 g Turkey steak with eggplant and tomatoe baked with mozarella 178,- Kč
78. 180 g Chicken breast with basil sauce 156,- Kč
79. 180 g Grilled chicken breast with cherry tomatoes and right mushrooms 185,- Kč
82. 180 g Grilled pork tenderloin with sautéed mushrooms and prosciutto Crudo 182,- Kč
83. 180 g Medallions of pork tenderloin with Quattro Formaggi sauce 184,- Kč
84. 180 g Roasted pork tenderloin with smoked cheese and cream 188,- Kč
88. 250 g Grilled pork neck with pancetta and egg 160,- Kč
89. 250 g Grilled pork cutlet with spicy tomato sauce Pepperonata 162,- Kč
90. 200 g Beef flank steak with roasted onion and pepper mayonaisse 216,- 
91. 200 g Beef flank steak with arugula and mushroom sauce  239,- Kč



96. 160 g Grilled salmon fillet with herb sauce 229,- Kč
97. 220 g Trout fillet with sea salt and lemon mayonnaise 215,- Kč


Side Dishes 180 g

140. Mashed potatoes with fried onion 37,- Kč
141. Roasted potatoes with fine garlic sauce 47,- Kč
142. Fried chips 39,- Kč
144. Sautéed green beans with Italian bacon 52,- Kč
146. Grilled vegetable 65,- Kč
147. Homemade pasta of your choice 34,- Kč



150. Home made Tiramisu 65,- Kč
152. Caramel sundae with ice-cream, banana, caramel and whipped cream 71,- Kč
154. Fresh pineapple with cane sugar, mint and coconut dip 59,- Kč
155. Raspberries au gratin with mascarpone and Amaretto 70,- Kč
156. Pancake with raspberries and whipped cream 78,- Kč
157. Grilled pineapple with honey sauce and walnut ice-cream 74,- Kč


Pizza 31 cm

101. Margherita /tomato, basil, tomatoes, cheese/ 100,- Kč
102. Al Prosciutto /tomato, ham, cheese/ 112,- Kč
103.  Al Funghi /tomato, mushrooms, cheese/ 100,- Kč
104.  Capricciosa /tomato, ham, mushrooms, cheese/ 122,- Kč
105.  Hawaii /tomato, ham, pineapple, cheese/ 122,- Kč
106.  Al Salame /tomato, hot salami, cheese/ 125,- Kč
107.  Bolognese /tomato, mixed meat, cheeese/ 110,- Kč
108.  Al Prosciutto di Oliva /tomato, ham, olives, cheese/ 122,- Kč
109.  Messicana /tomato, onion, salami, chilli, egg, cheese/ 135,- Kč
110.  Calzone (stuffed) /tomato, chicken meat, mushrooms, ham, cheese/ 133,- Kč
111.  Al Prosciutto di Parma /tomato, cheese, Prosciutto Crudo/ 138,- Kč
112.  Con Spinaci /tomato, cheese, spinach, bacon, garlic/ 128,- Kč
113.  Quattro Formaggi /tomato, gorgonzola, mozzarella, parmesan, scamorz/ 135,- Kč
114. Vegetariana /tomato, cheese, green beans, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms/ 120,- Kč
115.  Siciliana //tomato, cheese, ham, salami, ground chilli, garlic/ 135,- Kč
116.  Al Tonno /tomato, tuna, onion, garlic, cheese/ 130,- Kč
117.  Pollo /tomato, cheese, chicken meat, pepper, oregano/ 132,- Kč
118.  Formaggio Locale /tomato, cheese, ham, Brie/ 135,- Kč
119.  Pizza „Vyžlovka“ /tomato, chicken meat, beef, mushrooms, garlic, broccoli, cheese/ 139,- Kč
120.  Porcini /cream, cheese, mushrooms, chicken meat/ 150,- Kč
121.  Carpaccio /tomato, cream, sliced sirloin, cheese/ 152,- Kč
122.  Al Pancetta di Panna /cream, cheee, Italian bacon, broccoli, garlic/ 140,- Kč
123.  Frutti di Mare /tomato, seafood, cheese/ 133,- Kč
124.  Al Salame di Peperoni /tomato, cheese, hot salami, peppers/ 135,- Kč
125.  Al Granci /cream, cheese, ham, crab meat/ 130,- Kč
126.  Cipolle /cream, shallot, bacon, gorgonzola, mozzarella/ 133,- Kč
127.  Quattro Stagioni /1/4 Marinara, 1/4 Margherita, 1/4 Capricciosa, 1/4 Frutti di Mare/ 128,- Kč
128.  Al Pancetta /tomato, cheese, Italian bacon/ 125,- Kč
129.  Gamberetti /cream, cheese, prawns, spinach, parmesan/ 142,- Kč
130.  Bucello /cream, chees, beef meat, cherry tomatoes/ 140,- Kč
133.  Pizza bread /olive oil, rosemary, garlic, sea salt/ 59,- Kč
Pizza box, pasta and salad bowl 9,- Kč
Couvert - we add to every meal 8,- Kč
Half portion we charge 75% of regular price  
Prices valid from 1st October 2018  

The information contained on allergens provide service at the customer’s request.